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Alan K. Vance, DDS Answers Questions on Implants in WV

While dentures have long been considered an affordable way to deal with lost or missing teeth, many patients find they are dissatisfied with dentures. There are still so many questions to answer Not only can they be uncomfortable, they tend to move around and can cause a debilitating condition called ‘facial collapse.’ It does not take long for some patients to experience for themselves how expensive and bothersome dentures can be.

Dental Implant Solutions from Vance Dental Offices in Charleston & Williamson

Often, budget concerns are often the main reason to base treatment. Many patients today are finding the value in having a combination of secure dental implants used with a supported, or Snap-on denture. This type of denture can end up saving about half the cost of a traditional, implant-supported denture. Instead of four to six implants, it only uses two.

An Ideal Choice for Dental Implants in WV

Alan K. Vance, DDS is an ideal choice for dental implants in WV counties of Mingo, Logan, and Kanawha. Let Dr. Vance review the finer points of obtaining secure dental implants and put any worries at ease. Give our office in Charleston or Williamson a call today!