Gum Treatments & Periodontal Cleaning in WV

Alan K. Vance, DDS – Dental Services to Treat Gum Disease

Alan K. Vance DDS provides dental services to treat gum disease, through treatments and periodontal cleaning techniques at his two offices in WV. It may not happen with every patient, but there can come a time when specialty cleaning must be given to gums and the surrounding mouth tissue. A number of things may have an impact on gum health, to the point where if it is left untreated, further disease, infection, and tooth erosion may occur.

Periodontal Therapy and Gum Treatments from Dr. Vance

If a patient experiences signs of gum disease, Dr. Vance will talk with you about scheduling periodontal therapy and any other gum treatments that may need to take place. For some, proper gum treatment may be a simple session of scraping plaque from the gum line. When the issue is more involved, it may take repeated visits, special rinses, and possibly tooth planning to eliminate the hazardous and accumulated materials that threaten oral health.

Strengthen Teeth and Gums with Periodontal Services

Patients are reminded that gum disease is a serious threat to good oral health at every age. You can strengthen teeth and gums with periodontal services from Dr. Vance’s offices in Charleston and Williamson. We work with our patients to help strengthen teeth and gums through special gum treatments that help prevent tooth decay, saving teeth and your precious smile.