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Do You Have Missing Teeth in Charleston and Williamson, WV?

Dr. Vance knows the difficulty that incomplete teeth can cause. For patients in the Charleston and Williamson areas, missing teeth can cause a number of problems, from difficulty eating, to low self-confidence, and even jawbone deterioration. Dental services from Alan K. Vance DDS offices in Charleston and Williamson include advances in dental materials and technology. These make full and partial dental appliances an optimal choice for patients because they are more lifelike and comfortable.

Dentures & Partials in Charleston and Williamson, WV

A full denture is a complete top or bottom row of teeth mounted on a gum-colored base. They may have an open or closed palate, and often require dental adhesive to stay in place. Dentures can be effective for some patients; however, many find they miss the security of having a more solid biting foundation.

A partial denture is an appliance that consists of multiple teeth that may not all be in a row. Partials generally fit in to work with existing teeth, and partials are normally secured with clips or brackets. Unlike a bridge, a partial is designed to be removable. Partial dentures may also work well for some patients who have lost teeth recently and are adjusting to eating and chewing.

Supported Dentures & Partials in Charleston and Williamson, WV

Dr. Vance can provide patients with supported dentures and partials from his offices in Charleston and Williamson, WV. Supported dentures and partials are implanted into the jawbone and offer a more secure use, without any slipping or needing to use adhesive. Discuss whether supported dentures or partials may be right for you!